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Título: Conflicting relationships between two non-antagonistic animated characters
Autor: Monteiro, Tiago João Ramos dos Santos
Orientador: Castro, Maria Guilhermina
Palavras-chave: Story
Data de Defesa: 18-Dez-2014
Resumo: The purpose of this dissertation is to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between two non-antagonistic characters in Animation, and the impact it can have in the unfolding of the narrative and the transformation of the two characters. Its purpose is also to invite scientists, artists, and the reader, to further consider this subject as part of the creative process of storytelling, similar to the case of an individual character. This dissertation will explore historical-technological and scientific studies, as well as films and television series, which will serve as examples of conflict between two non-antagonistic characters. This research will allow the author to gather signs of what this particular kind of conflict and group of characters adds to movies and series—namely animated ones, in order to complement the focus of the course taken by the author. At the end of this dissertation, a case study is made with the final project produced during this course, A Helping Hoot. This short film, which contains a narrative driven significantly by the conflict caused by the interactions between the two main characters, serves as a platform to apply the gathered information whenever relevant to the theme. The intended result is to help raise more awareness of the particular possibilities for storytelling brought by narratives driven by the conflict between two non-antagonistic characters.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/18148
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