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Título: New technology and creative tourism : a case study for the city of Porto = As novas tecnologias e o turismo criativo : estudo de caso da cidade do Porto
Autor: Castro, Catarina Morais de
Orientador: Machado, Joana César
Babb, Michael DaCosta
Palavras-chave: Creative City
Creative Industries
Cultural Tourism
Creative Tourism
New Technology
New Media
Data de Defesa: 21-Dez-2012
Resumo: This research work attempts to extend the existing literature on development strategies for creative tourism supply and on the use of new technology in tourism, specifically creative tourism, which cannot be found in most of the existing literature. Hence, this work proposes a strategy to develop creative tourism in the city of Porto, paying special attention to the role played by new technology. This study comprises an analysis of the current state of creative tourism in Porto and the use of technology in the current tourism strategy. A case study method for the city of Porto is undertaken and qualitative approach is conducted interpretatively. A seven-steps model is proposed for developing creative tourism in the city of Porto, in which new technology plays an important role. Networking is also considered as a continued input of this model. In this work, the supply ecosystem was analysed and potential service providers were taken into account. Future research could focus on tourist motivations to participate in creative activities. This study encourages key creative and/or cultural agents to take the opportunity to acknowledge their potential to develop a creative tourism offer and to be aware that this kind of tourism could be an opportunity to improve the sustainability of their businesses. It also draws attention of city leaders to this topic as a new way of enhancing the tourism experience and improving economic growth. It may also encourage these agents to develop new offers within the range of their activities, maximizing the potential of technology that they may already use. Furthermore, it provides knowledge about new ways in which to develop creative tourism innovation and to take advantage of the benefits that new technology may bring. The originality of this work is based on developing a new model for creative tourism in Porto, paying special attention to the implementation and integration of new technology. The model intends to be a guide to promoting a creative tourism policy for Porto, but it could also be used as a basis for other cities to foster this kind of tourism.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/17663
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R - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Dissertations

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