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Título: The use of consortia in the internationalization of construction firms – Mota-Engil study case
Autor: Silva, Susana Costa e
Palavras-chave: Consortia
Entry modes
Data: 2009
Editora: org. University of Liverpool
Citação: EURAM09 : EURAM Annual Conference, 9th, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 11-14 May, 2009. Proceedings of the 9th European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM). 23 p.
Resumo: The phenomenon of internationalization has been actively studied, throughout the years. In its wide approach, it has been predicted as irrevocable and of increasing impact in the firm-related strategy. The way by which the internationalization occurs is connected with the modes used to enter in foreign markets, which have been also industriously scrutinized. One of those modes, the consortium, has not received as much attention as others. Thus, it seems important to understand how consortia allow the settlement of firms in the international markets. This study intends to answer the question of “how” to internationalize, anticipating the consortium as the most feasible way for construction firms to enter in certain markets. The reasons which determine its choice are related with aspects concerning the specificness of the projects, markets and of the firm in question. In the first part of the study, is introduced the revision of literature already existing about consortia as a entry mode and a tool of internationalization used by construction firms, resulting a analysis matrix which reveals the motivations conducive to their choice. In the second part, it is presented the study-case of Mota-Engil, as a potential source of valuable information which may contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon under study. The case-study allows corroborating the motivations found to create the consortia. The study culminates with a combination of contributions, limitations and suggestions for future researches.
Descrição: Paper also presented at: 2nd Annual Copenhagen Conference on Partnerships: crating innovative solutions through collaboration, Copenhagen, 17-18 November.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/5328
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