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Título: Empirical test of the trust – performance link in international alliances context
Autor: Silva, Susana Costa e
Palavras-chave: Trust
International alliances
International alliances performance
Data: 2006
Editora: EIBA - European International Business Academy
Citação: EIBA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 32nd, Fribourg, Switzerland, 7-9 December 2006. - Proceedings of the 32nd EIBA Annual Conference. 43p.
Resumo: This paper focuses on the influence of trust on international alliances performance. Trust has been theoretically recognised to produce positive effects on alliances success. However, the link has rarely been empirically proven. We elaborate on the major difficulties that may explain this and propose a model for the understanding of that influence, where trust antecedents are also considered. The link is validated through primary data collected from 232 international alliances of Portuguese firms and analysed through structural equation modelling.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/5288
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