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Título: Organic farming take off in Portugal
Autor: Mendes, Américo M. S. Carvalho
Cunha, Manuel Ricardo
Ribeiro, Ricardo Miguel
Sottomayor, Miguel
Campos, Raquel
Costa, Leonardo
Data: 2001
Editora: European Association of Agricultural Economists
Citação: EAAE SEMINAR, ORGANIC FOOD MARKETING AND TRENDS, 72nd, Chania, Crete, 7–10 June, 2001. - Proceedings of the 72nd EAAE Seminar on Organic Food Marketing Trends. 16 p.
Resumo: Organic farming is booming in Portugal. CAP subsidies are the main reason beyond this boom. Converted farms are still a small proportion of the country’s total farms. They are mostly extensive (low input) Mediterranean farms located in the mainland interior and less developed regions. Large farms and highly educated farmers are the ones converting. Olive oil is the main organic production. The market for organic products in Portugal is segmented and distribution channels are narrow. In general, people are not aware of organic products and/or lack the money to pay the required price premium. However, a segment of highly educated consumers with above average income do exist. Two private bodies provide certification for organic products under the supervision of the Government. Several national and regional Associations provide technical support, training and education to farmers but they face many barriers. The lack of public environmental education and the lack of research on the sector constitute other important institutional barriers to the Portuguese organic sector development.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/3855
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