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Título: Mergers and acquisitions : the case of Kraft Foods and Cadbury
Autor: Ribeiro, Sara Isabel de Paula
Orientador: Tsvetkov, Peter
Data de Defesa: 10-Jul-2013
Resumo: The aim of this dissertation is to focus on a determinant aspect of Corporate Finance that is Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). This dissertation not only provides a practical analysis of main issued regarding a process of M&A, but also provides a theoretical framework about M&A. Specifically, this dissertation explores the real case of Kraft Foods - world’s second largest manufacturer and packager food products – and Cadbury - the world’s second largest confectionery firm. Despite Food & Beverage Industry being a non-cyclical industry is a highly competitive one, where players compete for price, quality, innovation, brand recognition and loyalty. Together, Kraft Foods and Cadbury will become the largest manufacturer and packager food products in the world. Benefiting from economies of scale, Kraft Foods will be more efficient and better price competitive than its competitors. Kraft Foods should acquire Cadbury through a tender offer. Synergies are estimated to be 25% of Cadbury’s market capitalization at 9th of November of 2009. The price offered should be £7.93 for each Cadbury’s share. To conclude, Kraft Foods should pay 88% in Debt and 12% in Cash through an emission of more than 90 million new shares.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/16780
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