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Título: Challenges of born global firms : NDrive case study
Autor: Ferreira, Inês Costa Dias
Orientador: Cardeal, Nuno
Data de Defesa: 4-Jul-2013
Resumo: When reviewing international strategy relevant theory, I found very interesting the born global firm’s theory. I chose NDrive and I realize that the company fitted well in this context. Although this theory was introduced in the 90s, it continues to have relevance today with more and more companies in the same situation. This case study and the theory embedded will allow students to develop knowledge in strategic management with focus in internationalization strategies and apply important strategic frameworks. In that sense, the purpose is getting students to discuss international strategies relating this case study with the theory of born global Firms. When asked about implementing a good business idea, João Neto, NDrive Chairman, is peremptory “The only advice I can give is internationalization". With just over five years of existence, NDrive is an interesting success story in one of the most sophisticated markets in the world, the navigation software market. Being in a very competitive market, NDrive is gaining important scope and relevance. The company describes innovative commercialization models based on three core areas: agreements with major international equipment manufacturers as LG, partnerships with mobile Telco´s as Vivo or by managing direct presence in apps stores. Taking advantage of partnerships and apps stores phenomena, the company is gaining an important global presence.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/16555
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