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Título: The relationship of physicians with pharmaceutical sales representatives : what the doctors want
Autor: Baccos, Elisabetta
Orientador: Daryanto,Ahmad
Data de Defesa: 22-Mar-2012
Resumo: In this research I investigate the brand loyalty of physicians toward pharmaceutical companies in the Italian context, and the role of the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (PSR) in the process of loyalty creation. I performed two steps of qualitative research. Firstly, I interviewed the Marketing Manager and the Corporate Communication Manager of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals (Parma, northern Italy), in order to frame the Italian pharmaceutical context, from the point of view of a major firm. Secondly, I conducted two focus groups in a medical practice composed by twenty physicians (Cesena, northern Italy). Each group was composed by ten doctors, mixing GPs (general practitioners) and SPs (specialists). The aim of the second step of research is to explain the physician perspective over the process of brand loyalty creation. I found that the most important key drivers for physician loyalty creation toward pharmaceutical companies are the trustworthiness and expertise of the PSRs, and the perceived relationship quality between physician and the PSRs. These findings highlight the importance of building and maintaining a good physician-PSR relationship quality for the pharmaceutical companies, as well as making sure that the expertise of its PSR meets the physician’s needs and expectation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/15663
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