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Título: The social media challenge of Olá : first steps into the new world : cases on Marketing Strategies Seminar
Autor: Beeks, Hilco
Orientador: Celeste, Pedro
Data de Defesa: 30-Mai-2012
Resumo: The main objective of this dissertation is to explore and discuss the (potential) importance, possibilities and threats of social media to the contemporary corporate world. The dissertation is directed at Olá, the market leader of the Portuguese consumption ice cream market. The purpose of the dissertation therefore is to determine how Olá can use social media in the advantage of the company. The findings of the stated research questions are based on primary data, collected through interviews and an online conducted survey, as well as a large scale of secondary data resources. Olá has been active on the developing and changing world of social media since two years: first with a single Olá Facebook page, later also with ice cream brand specific Facebook pages. The company uses the pages primarily to engage with its community. To take most advantage of social media, for the future Olá ought to explore social media platforms that are in line with the expectations of the respective target group(s); for the general Olá Gelados Facebook page, it seems to use the appropriate platform. In addition, Olá should set out performance indicators and have (future) used online platforms linked with each other. Furthermore, in the social media context, it is recommended to focus on customer interaction and company awareness by offering content with promotions through supermarkets and independent retailers, as those are the mostly used points of sale. Since the social media area is fast-changing, Olá ought to stay on top of the developments.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/12922
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