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Título: Galp Energia’s Customer Care Program : opportunities for improvement
Autor: Costa, Duarte Planas Raposo de Almeida
Orientador: Xavier, Rute
Data de Defesa: 17-Jun-2013
Resumo: With the liberalization of the energy markets, Galp Energia had the opportunity to enter a new market – the residential market of electricity supply. With the Galp On service, Galp Energia is able to deliver both energy services, electricity and natural gas, in the liberalized residential energy market. In this consulting project, the objective proposed by our client was to focus on this new market and analyze the customer care program that Galp Energia provides to its customers. This analysis is not only restricted to the study of the current customer care program. This project also identifies gaps and opportunities for the customer care techniques Galp Energia applies. In this project there are, in total, seven recommendations for the customer care program improvement – direct and indirect advertising, didactic channel, Google keywords tuning, warning system of energy cuts enhancement, SMS/E-Mail Care, the Galp On’s invoice redesign and the online customer support center. These proposals are analysed in detail and are supported with information presented in the appendices. This consulting project is the result of a semester-long research on the topic and also the reporting of the presentation of the project to the company – Galp Energia. In this document, I will describe how it was to manage this consulting project with the different variables – planning, scheduling, scope management and the final presentation done to the client.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/16556
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