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Título: Services marketing strategy recommendations for Ginásio Clube Português
Autor: Marques, Filipa Sofia Dias Miguéns
Orientador: Xavier, Rute
Data de Defesa: 27-Jun-2013
Resumo: Ginásio Clube Português (GCP) has been facing some difficulties regarding not only the attraction of new members but also maintaining the existing members. The main goal with this dissertation was then to identify areas of concern and formulate recommendations to be analyzed by Ginásio Clube Português. This dissertation contains a Literature Review chapter, in which concepts related to the consulting project developed are explained and clarified. A brief explanation of Ginásio Clube Português’ history and indicators as well as the proposed challenge for this project follows. The Methodology used in this project for the identification of problems is then explained and Recommendations are formulated. It was possible to identify several areas of concern and formulate three sets of different recommendations to be analyzed by GCP: recommendations focused on the attraction of new members, recommendations focused on the maintaining of current members and general recommendations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/15821
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