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Título: The participatory documentary : interaction in the film production process
Autor: Reis, Marta Fernanda de Campos
Orientador: Barbosa, Álvaro
Data de Defesa: 2010
Resumo: In the strict sense, documentary was born in the moment cinema was invented. Driven by human curiosity, the first ‘directors’ were compelled to register real life happenings many years before fiction film was born. Much has been said about interactivity in the process of creating documentary films, but how can it be effectively used by the documentarist or what’s its relevance to film history? “Walking with your own legs” is a documentary film mini-series, which will be the theme subject to the central study of this dissertation. This mini-series of documentaries was produced for television format. However, it is approached by a cinematic perspective in the sense that it is based on universal fiction script structures to tell the stories of real life protagonists by using the participatory documentary model. Each of the four episodes contains two short films, one produced in Portugal and another one in a foreign country (Spain or Morocco). Throughout the times, stories are often universal and what changes are the characters. Therefore, the structures of four universal stories were freely chosen to present the trajectory of young people from our time. The choice of these young people emerged from a set of three neighbouring, but diverse, cultures (the geographic neighbourhood gives them a common history). The confrontation with the other one (who is known, many times similar and other times different) is made possible. Thus, the context to define the contours of each character’s identity is created. “Walking with your own legs” records in sound and image the effort of young Portuguese and foreigners in their attempts to grow, assuming individual responsibilities. Hence, this miniseries attempts to find some freshness in a telecommunication medium that is usually sterile and pessimist, forgetting its responsibility in the creation of principles such as diversity, selfsufficiency, integrity, equity and democratic participation. This work is an analysis to this experience with intent to find if interaction in documentary is a means toward objectivity or subjectivity - in the exhausting work that can be trying to perceive, capture and comprehend life.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/16511
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R - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Dissertations

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