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Título: Panrico’s Donuts de Berlim : an opportunity in the Portuguese market
Autor: Alvarez, Catarina Paiões Lourenço
Orientador: Assunção, João Borges de
Oliveira, Sandra
Data de Defesa: 2012
Resumo: Donuts de Berlim, a branded and registered product by Panrico Group, was the subject chosen for a pedagogic case study, pursuit by a teaching note, aiming at understanding marketing challenges when launching a new product in order to respond to a market opportunity. In 2005, Panrico presented a leading position in the market comprised by branded cakes. In 2005, regarding the economic context and the increasing power of Portuguese retailers, the appearance of Distributors Own Brands products perceived with good quality at low prices, Panrico felt its sales decreasing in the in-home channels. After a deep study and analysis of the market, it was found an opportunity where Donuts product line could be a solution to follow through innovation and diversification. Students are faced with a quandary when choosing the best market segment and respective positioning for the new Donuts product concept. In order to analyze it, they are presented with the market environment (external and internal), the company background and the Donuts product line main characteristics. The study required to take the decision concerning the new product positioning strategy is provided so that they can make sustained and real-life decisions. This case is based on authentic decision making process which Donuts marketing team had to go through to decide which market positioning and opportunities for Donuts de Berlim best suited. Thus, it can be used as a tool to understand the strategic brand management topic as well as the segmentation, target and positioning strategy for a new product.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/15273
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