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Título: Protection of deoxyribose and DNA from degradation by using aqueous extracts of several wild plants
Autor: Gião, Maria S.
González-Sanjose, M. L.
Muñiz, Pilar
Rivero-Pérez, M. D.
Kosinska, Monika
Pintado, Manuela E.
Malcata, F. Xavier
Palavras-chave: Antioxidant
Portuguese herbal plants
Aqueous infusions
Data: 2008
Editora: Wiley Blackwell
Citação: "Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture". ISSN 0022-5142. 88: 4 (2008) 633-640
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Aqueous extracts of 48 herbal plants were obtained via alternative extraction protocols, and were assayed for their capacity to protect deoxyribose and DNA itself from degradation (or, conversely, for their capacity to promote DNA degradation), using electrophoresis as analytical tool. RESULTS: For a given (constant) volume of extract, deoxyribose protection ranged from 14.13 ± 1.35% (mean ± SD) inhibition by dwarf mallow powder infusion, up to 106.51 ± 15.93% inhibition by avocado powder infusion. DNA protection was tested at two extract concentrations, and was slightly greater at the higher concentration. Pro-oxidant effects were essentially absent. CONCLUSION: The anti-oxidative roles of plants upon deoxyribose and DNA displayed by our experimental results were rather promising with regards to practical applications of those plants, viz. as ingredients in the formulation of nutraceutical beverages and/or foods.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/2804
Versão do Editor: The definitive version is available at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jsfa.3128/abstract
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