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Título: Data quality management : what are the requirements and are companies ready to embrace them ?
Autor: Birol, Can­‐André
Orientador: Amaral, Paulo
Data de Defesa: 14-Abr-2014
Resumo: This work has the purpose of identifying the main requirements that ISO 8000: Data Quality, related ISO standards and leading literature for implementing a data quality management system prescribe to sustainably improve the level of data quality. The expected outcome is to identify the status quo in terms of data quality in the organizations. It is executed by sending a survey coming from a conducted model to all companies regardless of operating industry or size with the objective to, on the one hand figuring out the actual conducted measurements and on the other hand identifying their attitude towards these activities with regard to data quality. The popularity of ISO 8000: Data Quality is evaluated and its potential for substantially increasing the level of data quality is examined. Emphasis is put on the main requirements roles/responsibilities, management commitment and employee awareness building the cornerstone of this management framework. It turns out that the preparation among companies to embrace these requirements is diverse. While roles and responsibilities are formally defined in many cases but lack sufficient financial backup, management commitment is predominantly perceived as insufficient. Employee awareness in contrary is rated best among the dimensions. Evidently financial institutions have a high focus on data quality, whereas manufacturers are the least concerned. ISO 8000: 8000 can be seen as an opportunity to consistently increase the maturity in the critical data quality dimensions and ultimately increase data quality for a higher profitability.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/15637
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