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Título: Excentric : Can digital dreams really come true?
Autor: Cunha, Átina Sofia Paiva Alves da
Orientador: Assunção, João Borges de
Oliveira, Sandra
Data de Defesa: 3-Set-2012
Resumo: Excentric was the Portuguese based Company selected to serve as the background for the development of a teaching case in Marketing, followed by a teaching note, intended to be used as a pedagogical tool in undergraduate or graduate programs. In 2006, Miguel Figueiredo, decided to create Excentric, a technological producer Company, specifically a digital experiences expert. Excentric’s creation reflected Figueiredo’s perception that traditional marketing communications was over and that tradigital marketing would not be enough to deal with the new accelerated migration of consumers to the digital domain, through the increasing use of the Internet and mobile devices. Figueiredo defended that companies’ marketing teams should start developing marketing communication campaigns in which an active role and unprecedented spotlight would be given to the consumers. In 2008, Excentric was experiencing a situation of decreasing revenues and was incapable of attracting new clients. Students are presented with the market environment, the Company, its facts and figures and the challenge of understanding the factors that led Excentric to a situation of decreasing revenues. Students will also have the challenge to make recommendations regarding the strategic path that Excentric should pursue in order to guarantee its survival. This case study will bring students closer to the real-life business of small/medium companies, which normally do not put into practice important theoretical aspects learned in the University, such as the importance of performing prior market and/or consumer research studies and through a company establishment in the marketplace, and that guided its performance through intuition and feeling.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/15540
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