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Título: H3, hambúrguer gourmet : a new perspective and multifactor analysis of this revolutionary fast food company
Autor: Gaspar, Rui José Domingos
Orientador: Celeste, Pedro
Data de Defesa: 2011
Resumo: After opening the first restaurant in the summer of 2007, few imagined that by the fourth year of existence h3 would be spread through 36 restaurants in Portugal, divided between food courts and street restaurants. To understand the origin of this rapid growth, h3 is now the subject of several studies. After the affirmation of the brand in the original country, supported by the enormous success that it had in the targeted audience and given the limited capacity of the Portuguese market, the process of internationalization began. Then, it became essential to identify which strategies to follow in the near future. If the importance of conquer new markets is identified as the main mission by the founders, a careful choice of those markets constitutes a major challenge. Since January 2011 h3 is present in the Polish market and the company has new openings planned for this year in Poland and Spain. Only offering a quality product, aligned to an efficient and customized service allows them to compete with giants such as McDonald's or Burger King. The product may not be a novelty, but the innovative way it is marketed represents one of the main differentiating factors: "Pure meat bullock, 100% fresh". Employees also have a decisive contribution as they are considered authentic brand ambassadors, since they are promoting the company's culture to the customer. It became obvious that a well-defined position in the market supported by focusing on a single product, the hamburger, is one of the main factors that contribute to gain relative advantage amongst competitors. We may conclude that the entrepreneurial and innovative ideas, as in this case is the healthy fast food, still have a place to grow in a market that was at the beginning " exclusively reserved” for multinationals companies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/7739
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