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Título: Industry/University collaboration in product focussed œnological research in Portugal - the SOGRAPE / UCP ESB partnership 1995 - 1998
Autor: Guedes, P.
Pina, C.
Santos, C.
Vasconcelos, I.
Silva, M. C.
Couto, J.A.
Hogg, T.
Cabral, L.
Vieira, M.
Pessanha, M.
Graca, A.
Soares Franco, J. M.
Palavras-chave: Industry / university collaboration
Data: 1998
Editora: Organização Internacional da Vinha e do Vinho
Citação: GUEDES, P.. [et al.] - Industry/University collaboration in product focussed oenological research in Portugal - the SOGRAPE / UCP ESB partnership 1995 - 1998. In Congresso Mundial da Vinha e do Vinho, XXIII, Novos mundos para a viticultura mundial. Lisboa, Portugal, 22-27 Junho, 1998 - Proceeding of the "XXIII Congresso Mundial da Vinha e do Vinho". Lisboa. p. 558-562
Resumo: A innovative model of collaboration between a wine company and a university research group is presented. A protocol was established as a response to the perceived need to, on the part of the university, (i) focus research on specific scientific bottlenecks which would have a real impact in the producing industry and, on the part of the company, (ii) to have access to the scientific capacity to conduct in-depth studies to approach specific technical challenges. A closely managed programme was jointly established and the major characteristics are presented here together with the main results obtained during the first 2 and a half years of operation.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/6940
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