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Título: Spectrophotometric flow injection determination of total phosphorus in beer using on-line UV/thermal induced digestion
Autor: Fernandes, Sílvia M. V.
Lima, José L. F. C.
Rangel, António O. S. S.
Data: 2000
Editora: Springer-Verlag
Citação: FERNANDES, Sílvia M. V. ; LIMA, L. F. C. ; RANGEL, António O. S: S. - Spectrophotometric flow injection determination of total phosphorus in beer using on-line UV/thermal induced digestion. Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry. ISSN: 0937-0633. Vol. 366 (2000), p.112–115
Resumo: A flow injection system for the automatic determination of total phosphorus in beer is described. The developed manifold uses a two-stage photooxidation/thermal digestion procedure together with oxidizing and hydrolyzing reagents to convert all forms of phosphorus compounds to orthophosphate. Polyphosphates are hydrolyzed by acid and heat, and organo-phosphates are digested by UV-catalyzed peroxodisulfate oxidation. The orthophosphate formed is then spectrophotometrically determined by the phosphomolybdenum blue reaction, using stannous chloride as reducing agent. The results obtained for a set of 19 beer samples (with concentrations from 120 to 735 mg P/L) were in good agreement with the reference method, the maximum relative deviation found being 4.7%. Relative standard deviations for ten consecutive determinations were lower than 1.5%, and a detection limit of 1 mg P/L was achieved.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/6549
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