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2004Influence of native lactic acid bacteria on the microbiological, biochemical and sensory profiles of Serra da Estrela cheeseMacedo, Angela C.; Tavares, Tânia G.; Malcata, F. XavierarticleopenAccess
1997Secondary proteolysis in Serra cheese during ripening and throughout the cheese-making seasonMacedo, Angela C.; Malcata, F. X.articleopenAccess
2000Applicability of extracts from Centaurea calcitrapa in ripening of bovine cheeseReis, Patrícia M.; Lourenço, Pedro L.; Domingos, Ana; Clemente, Alda F.articleopenAccess
1999On the activity and specificity of cardosin B, a plant proteinase, on ovine caseinsSilva, Sofia V.; Malcata, F. XavierarticleopenAccess
1999Controlled whey protein hydrolysis using two alternative proteasesPintado, Manuela E.; Pintado, Ana E.; Malcata, F. XavierarticleopenAccess
2000Comparative catalytic activity of two plant proteinases upon caprine caseins in solutionSilva, Sofia V.; Malcata, F. XavierarticleopenAccess
1997Degradation of caseins from milk of different species by extracts of Centaurea calcitrapaTavaria, Freni K.; Sousa, M. José; Domingos, Ana; Malcata, F. Xavier Malcata; Brodelius, Peter; Clemente, Alda; Pais, M. SaloméarticlerestrictedAccess
2003Amino acid and soluble nitrogen evolution throughout ripening of Serra da Estrela cheeseTavaria, Freni K.; Franco, Inmaculada; Carballo, F. Javier; Malcata, F. XavierarticleopenAccess
1997Comparative biochemical evolution during ripening of bovine, ovine and caprine cheeses manufactured with extracts of flowers of Cynara cardunculusSousa, Maria J.; Malcata, F. X.articleopenAccess
2012Analytical strategies for characterization and validation of functional dairy foodsRodrigues, Dina; Rocha-Santos, Teresa A. P.; Freitas, A. C.; Gomes, Ana M. ParticlerestrictedAccess