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Título: Concurso de curtas-metragens enquanto laboratório de criatividade narrativa: Relato da experiência académica na ESEV
Autor: Ferreira, Sónia de Almeida
Sobral, Filomena Antunes
Morais, Nídia Salomé Nina de
Gouveia, Teresa Sofia de Almeida
Palavras-chave: Filmic Narrative
Short Film
Film Competition
Data: 2017
Citação: Ferreira, S. A., Sobral, F.A., Morais, N. S. N., Gouveia, T. S. A. (2017). Concurso de curtas-metragens enquanto laboratório de criatividade narrativa: Relato da experiência académica na ESEV. In Conferência Internacional Cinema – Arte, Tecnologia, Comunicação, Avanca Portugal, 26-30 de Julho de 2017. (pp. 303-312)
Resumo: Narrative art is as old as human kind and assumes itself as a fundamental element of everyday life. In this sense, since a narrative is a story that presents a diegetic universe composed of real or imaginary events, lived by fictional or true beings in a given time and space, this paper’s objective is to establish and present some thought about the video competition held by the School of Education from Viseu as a laboratory for narrative creativity. This initiative, which has already held twelve editions, integrates itself within the sphere of the institution’s cultural activities and it is an encouragement space for short cinematographic creations. In parallel, it aims to stimulate the talent, the creativity and the quality of the work submitted. In this contest, the students are invited, individually or in small groups, to create a short film with a maximum duration of 10 minutes, in Portuguese or in English and authors are free to propose the theme. The genres accepted in the competition are fiction, documentary and animation. The analysis of this experience allows us to list several positive aspects, such as the added value of the academic competition of short films as a mean to motivate and encourage Portuguese cinematographic production within an academic context, as well as to allow the development of skills in filming, editing and post-production by students from different study cycles.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/23353
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