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degois.publication.titleEducere et Educarept_PT
dc.contributor.authorMota, António Filipe-
dc.contributor.authorMachado, Joaquim-
dc.identifier.citationMota, António Filipe, Machado, Joaquim (2015). Programa de intervenção educativa: um estudo de caso. Educere et Educare – Revista de Educação, 10 (nº esp.2015), 317-328pt_PT
dc.description.abstractDifferent contexts and greater heterogeneity in teaching are by-products of the comprehensive expansion of compulsory post-primary education, requiring a range of arrangements, methods and means to be put in place in order to guarantee equity and quality in formal education. The “Priority Intervention Educational Territory” program, known as TEIP in Portuguese, places an emphasis on territorial aspects and contextual variables in the promotion of equality of access to schools and educational success; it promotes the appropriation by communities of instruments and resources that facilitate the achievement of the goals of school education. This article examines the development of the TEIP program at a school located in a predominantly rural area in the Central Region of Portugal; it identies critical factors of the project, problems and the involvement of local actors in the educational project. KEYWORDS: School, Territory, Priority Intervention.pt_PT
dc.subjectPriority Interventionpt_PT
dc.titlePrograma de intervenção educativa: um estudo de casopt_PT
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