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Título: The impact of crowdfunding on Musicians’ business : findings from Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Autor: Pastonesi, Rocco
Orientador: Løwendahl, Bente R.
Data de Defesa: 10-Abr-2013
Resumo: This work explores the linkages between the current boom of crowdfunding and the music industry. By building on the theoretical contributions of value networks and disruptive innovations, this dissertation aims at analyzing the impact of reward-based crowdfunding on musicians’ businesses in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. With a simple and convenient service, crowdfunding has the potential to benefit especially those musicians that don’t find the support of record labels and historically had to rely on their own savings for their business finance. After an interview process involving musicians and crowdfunding platforms owners, it has been found that crowdfunding increases musicians’ odds to rescue funds to invest in their music production activity. Finally this work sheds lights on the challenges faced by crowdfunding platforms to become an established financial channel for creative entrepreneurs.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/14071
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