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Título: Marketing strategy for luxury retail : how to attract international consumers of luxury in Portugal : Fashion Clinic case study
Autor: Candeias, Marta Pimentel
Orientador: Abecassis-Moedas, Celine
Data de Defesa: 7-Fev-2012
Resumo: Nowadays the luxury market is characterized by the high competitiveness and current globalization, with retailers and brands themselves making a great effort to achieve success. In Portugal, despite the unfavorable economic situation that the country undergoes, the luxury retail market has accompanied this increase global trend. Such a growth is meaningfully due to the increasing demand of international luxury brands by foreigners from emerging countries like Angola or Brazil. These consumers, with a high purchasing power, are attracted either for lack of offer in their own countries or for more reasonable prices in Portugal. Therefore luxury players must concentrate their efforts to effectively attract and keep them. To do so, it is crucial to have a deeper knowledge about them, namely their habits and preferences. In this dissertation, it was intended to understand if there are differences at the level of behavior, attitudes and preferences in view of the luxury between the Portuguese and the international consumer who buys in Portugal aiming at proposing a marketing strategy for target those international consumers who make luxury purchases in Portugal. This thesis used a Portuguese luxury retailer – Fashion Clinic – as a case study. To address such a research, after a review of the existing literature concerning the luxury industry, an analysis carried out of the data which resulted from online survey made by Fashion Clinic to its customers. Findings on the Portuguese and international consumers’ profile and preferences in view of luxury were then taken into account. Based on that, three major strategies to target international consumers in Portugal were recommended: 1) Provide the male customer with an excellent service, high quality and tailor made luxury products, 2) Educate customers on brands and 3) Create an online shopping platform.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/13805
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