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Título: M&A : Deutsche Post DHL and Austrian Post
Autor: Miranda, Bernardo Aresta Branco de Matos
Orientador: Tsvetkov, Peter
Data de Defesa: 8-Jul-2013
Resumo: The goal of this thesis is to assess how would a potential deal between Deutsche Post DHL (also referred to as DPDHL or simply DHL) and Austrian Post (also referred to as Österreichische Post or simply OP) result in terms of value creation for both companies. In an era of abrupt economical and technological changes, the Transportation and Logistics sector is one of the more affected, and thus the urge to constantly adapt. The top capabilities of DHL as well as geographic proximity with OP could leverage very important efficiencies of many kinds. Common practices on valuations are used to assess the individual value of both companies, which serve as basis to project future trends based in case a merger would take place. Decreasing traditional Mail volume and opportunities in Express deliveries due to e-commerce are found to be the main factors affecting the value of these companies. Following the cautious estimation of resulting synergies, an all-cash offer of €39.2 per share was proposed, resulting in a premium on average share price of 25.1% to OP’s shareholders.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/13589
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