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Título: ActualSales : the online advertising pricing models and the success of an Online Agency
Autor: Gabriel, Patrícia Ferreira
Orientador: Celeste, Pedro
Data de Defesa: 25-Out-2013
Resumo: Given the amazing grow of Internet Marketing both, advertisers and agencies have more opportunities than ever. One of these agencies is ActualSales, a Portuguese performance-based online agency founded in 2006. As their commitment is to deliver potential leads and reduce advertisers’ risk, they are paid based on a success-fee, i.e., Cost per Lead. But it all started with the Cost per Acquisition model. Completely focus on delivering results and optimizing advertisers’ investment, the agency is now recruiting as they keep expanding the business internationally and managing to have revenues and profits growing continuously. ActualSales’ Case Study portrays the huge success achieved by this agency as well as the discussion of the topic of internet marketing, performance-based marketing vs. traditional marketing and online advertising, which have won more notoriety in the past couple of years. The three different clients’ scenarios will encourage students to clearly understand the differences between these models apply some concepts and provide inputs on the pros and cons of each of them in both, advertiser and publisher’s perspective. The Teaching Note is a guideline with explanations and information about the Case Study. It initially includes guidelines of how instructors can conduct the Case Study lecture and then, an analysis about advertiser vs. publisher (ActualSales)’s relationship, the different online advertising pricing models, its pros and cons and also ActualSales’ strengths to make the online advertising a business with return and possible to grow. To finish there is a section that presents what has happened.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/13443
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