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Título: The disruptive role of cloud computing in global distribution strategies : the case of Quatenus at Sinfic
Autor: Telhado, Mónica Anacleto
Orientador: Amaral, Paulo Cardoso do
Data de Defesa: 4-Jun-2012
Resumo: Cloud computing is emerging as a computing paradigm wherein virtual distribution channels are enabled and used as innovative entry modes (Brown and Johnson, 2012). Through this technology, global scale efficiency is promised, delivering operational capabilities with important value to the development of hybrid international marketing strategies underlying today’s global competitive set (Brown and Johnson, 2012) where access to contextualized knowledge is becoming crucial (Bughin, Byers and Chui, 2011). Current practices however indicate that companies are not addressing these capabilities to build flexible delivery platforms and engage knowledge-driven strategies (Brown and Johnson, 2012). Boosted by the gap between these initiatives, this research explores how to develop knowledge-driven internationalization strategies based on cloud architectures, pursuing a case study analysis on a Portuguese software vendor, which recently invested on a cloud-based delivery platform to assemble a knowledge-driven internationalization strategy. Significant influences of cloud computing were found in the development of flexible delivery platforms during the process of externalization of the company. These findings contribute with further insights into understanding the coupling between cloud-based distribution strategies and knowledge-driven internationalization patterns. A consistent example of a cloud enterprise as a business enabler in knowledge-driven economies is thus proven possible, suggesting how flexible delivery platforms can be engaged within the development of metanational strategies in the current competitive environment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/12923
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