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Título: Quality Management practices, absorptive capacity and innovation performance
Autor: Perez-Arostegui, María N.
Sousa, Rui
Montes, F. Javier Llorens
Palavras-chave: Quality Management practices
Absorptive Capacity
Innovation Performance
Structural Equation Modeling
Data: 2013
Citação: PEREZ-AROSTEGUI, María N. ; SOUSA, Rui ; MONTES, F. Javier Llorens - Quality Management practices, absorptive capacity and innovation performance. In International Annual EurOMA Conference, 20th Dublin, Ireland, 9-12 June 2013. Proceedings of the 20th European Operations Management Association International Conference. Dublin: EurOMA, 2013. 10p. (electronic proceedings)
Resumo: Quality Management practices (QMP) are a potentially useful tool for increasing a company’s innovation performance. However, the empirical evidence regarding the impact of QMP on innovation performance has been mixed. The purpose of this study is to extend understanding of the impact of QMP on innovation performance by investigating the mediating effect of absorptive capacity on this relationship. A proposed research model and hypotheses are tested using cross-sectional survey data from a sample of 230 leading Spanish firms. The results indicate that QMP enable the development of absorptive capacity, contributing to innovation performance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/12845
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