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Título: Sustainability of social projects : Escolinha de Rugby da Galiza (ERG) : intervention through sport in problematic communities
Autor: Xavier, Henrique Vieira da Gama Lobo
Orientador: Pinheiro, Susana Frazão
Data de Defesa: 17-Set-2012
Resumo: In the last years, many social projects have been created in order to address problematic communities. Projects that intervene through sport have been successful as they use its appeal to reach these communities. As a result, the number of this kind of projects has been increasing swiftly, in both developed and underdeveloped countries. However, Non- Governmental Organizations and other social organizations are facing increasing difficulties to finance its activities. The objective of this dissertation is to determine the way these projects can become sustainable in the long term and eventually be turned into social enterprises. More concretely, it is analyzed the case of Escolinha de Rugby da Galiza (ERG), a recent social project that uses rugby so as to intervene in the deprived community of Galiza in Estoril, Portugal, which faces several challenges in its development. Also, it is analyzed the key factors that allowed ERG to be a successful case of a social integration through sport's project and that are essential for its growth and development. It becomes clear that rugby is only a tool to fulfil the project's mission and therefore ERG should not become a rugby club, as it would deviate the project from its goals. We can conclude that ERG should adopt earning income strategies in order to become sustainable. The acquisition of a training field would provide a much better athletic development for ERG's players, the field renting costs would cease and could be a relevant source of income through renting. On the other hand, ERG should continue to establish longterm partnerships with companies and other institutions as it would permit more reliable sources of external income.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/12034
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