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Título: 100 Years Skincare for Life : analysis and impact of NIVEA’s campaign in the Portuguese market
Autor: Arruda, Ana de Almeida e Silva Neves
Orientador: Celeste, Pedro
Data de Defesa: 10-Abr-2013
Resumo: In 2011, NIVEA achieved one century of existence and felt the need of refocus on its core competence – skincare; rejuvenate its image; and become closer to its both current consumers and future ones. This dissertation was written with the objective of presenting to marketing students, the greatest and global NIVEA’s campaign ever, in fully detail; evaluate its performance in the Portuguese market; and the way how NIVEA has assessed the achievement of its short-­‐ and long-­‐term objectives. These goals were achieved through a case study, which introduces NIVEA and the campaign in its global context and also all the campaign stages and elements respecting the Portuguese context and; moreover, through a quantitative analysis based on a conduction of an on-­‐ line survey. The main findings of thesis refer to the evaluation of the campaign’s outcomes, as well as, to NIVEA’s efficiency respecting marketing measurement performance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/12008
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