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Título: Andorinha in Brazil and its later flight back home
Autor: Antunes, Mariana Kol de Carvalho Eiras
Orientador: Celeste, Pedro
Data de Defesa: 5-Jan-2012
Resumo: Sovena is the second worldwide olive oil player, just behind the Spanish Carbonell. In order to achieve this position, Sovena started expanding its business to international markets by acquiring or creating local brands in order to adapt to local communities’ tastes. In line with the company’s strategy, many brands emerged. Andorinha is one of Sovena’s portfolio brands and the one immediately related to the Brazilian market. Being a success and growing at twice the market, Andorinha is seen has a phenomenon. For its quality, communication strategy and packaging design, Andorinha has been receiving many awards and compliments. In 2009 it was considered the best olive oil in the Brazilian market and in 2010, received the 3rd consecutive gold medal in the Monde Selection international contest as well as the 2010 gold medal for the best packaging design in Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil contest, among others. Although the company has continued to grow sustainably in the Brazilian market, it had recently made a risky move. In 2010, Andorinha was introduced in the Portuguese market among values of tradition, quality, hospitality and family. Since this was a very recent move, the brand is still having low notoriety and has not achieved the predicted market share. The aim of this thesis is, firstly, to illustrate the prestigious success of Sovena’s international paths, more precisely Andorinha’s importance and success in the Brazilian market and its future steps, as well has suggesting strategies in order to improve brand awareness and notoriety levels in the Portuguese market. I believe this is an opportunity for teachers and students to understand how companies can expand worldwide by acquiring local brands, even if some repositioning strategies have to take place, and to understand that sometimes companies have to re-work on a brand’s positioning in the market to attain their objectives. The first goal is achieved through a case study with relevant information about the olive oil market, Sovena and Andorinha. Moreover, in order to accomplish the second goal, I wanted to go far beyond and provide insights of how could Andorinha improve its image in the Portuguese olive oil market. This was possible through an online survey, developed for the purpose of the case. As so, a marketing research case study was conducted finishing with some conclusions to address the problem. The literature review and the teaching notes will help teachers to conduct an in-class discussion of the case study.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/11701
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