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Título: Delta Cafés : a new Image to conquer new markets
Autor: Santos, Pedro Miguel Ribeiro
Orientador: Celeste, Pedro
Data de Defesa: 22-Fev-2013
Resumo: The focus of thesis is to study Delta Cafés’ rebranding. As it is a decision that falls far from a brand’s day-to-day management, it is important to understand what were the reasons that motivated, how were the changes visible and what impact did they produce on consumers’ perceptions. Since its foundation, in 1961, to 1995, the Delta Cafes’ image was, for most of it, unchanged. Since then Delta have change it have changed it four times, the most recent of them occurred in 2012. This rebranding did not only mean a change in the brand’s aesthetics, but also a significant shift in their strategy. In order to fully understand these rebranding two sources of data were needed. Firstly, there was the necessity to gather data from Delta, such allows to get to know the brand and its history, as well as that the reasons that motivated this change. Primary data had also to be collected, as it would be this one that would allow understanding the consumers’ reactions. In the process of primary data collection different tools were used – a Focus Group, a Survey, and Individual Interviews, each with a different purpose. Delta Cafés’ rebranding was transversal to all of the brands marketing elements and done in order to respond to a new generation of consumers and to strengthen the brand’s position both in the Portuguese market, as well as in foreign markets. The preliminary study presented on this paper indicates that, except for quality, which decreased, and social awareness, all of the brands desired associations were successfully met.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/10882
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