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Título: Brisa and the CCR Group : a strategic alliance
Autor: Ribeiro, Francisco Maria Quintela de Saldanha Cardoso
Orientador: Cardeal, Nuno
Data de Defesa: 27-Fev-2013
Resumo: In 2012, Brisa, a Portuguese road concession company, reviewed their presence in Brazil under a strategic alliance with local partners which had lasted for more than 9 years. The case is based on information gathered in interviews to agents from Brisa present in Brazil and from events that occurred during the course of this alliance. The information includes comments and considerations about the relationship and expectations from the alliance between Brisa and the CCR Group. The internationalization process of Brisa starts in Brazil with a joint-venture with local partners, integrating the CCR Group. The case describes the origin of this alliance, how it was established and the transfer of competencies between both parties as well as the results of the alliance. The description of the alliance is based on a series of episodes and facts that enhance the know-how acquired by each party. This know-how helped Brisa and the CCR Group to achieve a position of success in the industry. This case can be used as a tool to understand the procedures used to develop a strategic alliance at the international level and the criteria to choose a partner. The students have the possibility to analyse various situations that are faced in a new international environment. Supported by other qualitative and quantitative data, this will help them make a sustained analysis, bringing them closer to the real-life international business perspective.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.14/10830
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