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2010Cloning, nucleotide sequence and expression of Fluorobenzene Dioxygenase from Labrys portucalensis strain F11Moreira, I. S.; Kirschner, A.; Carvalho, M. F.; Castro, P. M. L.; Janssen, D. B.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Effect of the metals iron, copper and silver on fluorobenzene biodegradation by Labrys portucalensisMoreira, Irina S.; Amorim, Catarina L.; Carvalho, M. F.; Ferreira, António César da Silva; Afonso, Carlos M.; Castro, Paula M. L.articlerestrictedAccess
2008Isolation and characterization of a bacterial strain able to degrade 2-FluorophenolDuque, A. F.; Carvalho, M. F.; Janssen, D. B.; Castro, P. M. L.articleopenAccess
2002Isolation and initial characterization of a bacterial consortium able to mineralize fluorobenzeneCarvalho, M. F.; Alves, C. C. T.; Ferreira, M. I. M.; Marco, P. De; Castro, P. M. L.articleopenAccess
2005Isolation and properties of a pure bacterial strain capable of fluorobenzene degradation as sole carbon and energy sourceCarvalho, M. F.; Jorge, R. Ferreira; Pacheco, C. C.; Marco, P. De; Castro, P. M. L.articleopenAccess
2006Long-term performance and microbial dynamics of an up-flow fixed bed reactor established for the biodegradation of fluorobenzeneCarvalho, M. F.; Jorge, R. Ferreira; Pacheco, C. C.; De Marco, P.; Henriques, I. S.; Correia, A.; Castro, P. M. L.articleopenAccess
2008Production of 4-fluorocatechol from fluorobenzene by the wild srain Labrys portucalensisMoreira, I. S.; Carvalho, M. F.; Amorim, C. L.; Afonso, C. M. M.; Janssen, D. B.; Castro, P. M. L.conferenceObjectopenAccess